Hello! to Montenegro

An independent branding studio specialised in transformative strategic thinking and striking creative design

As well as reflecting culture, we believe brands should move culture forward

For a brand to drive exponential impact it needs to connect and cut through in the real world, in the here and now.

That’s why, as artists, poets, sociologists, political scientists, architects, singers, developers, publicists – as well as brand designers and strategists! – we engage constantly with the world and find stimulation in what goes on around us, as we strive to make sense of it all… because it matters to us.

Our base in the global creative hub of Barcelona offers us a particularly broad raft of exciting cultural expressions and unexpected connections.

Our work always reflects, refines and adapts these inspiring influences as well as adding some new ones to the mix.

We think it creates the optimum context to unearth a brand’s true contemporary voice and harness its latent power. And if a brand can somehow help its community navigate the uncertainty and chaos of the world today, then it is also helping to advance culture.

These are a few of our dearest projects: