Empower your future

Vertebra is a company that seeks to drive change to build the future we all want. Based in Bogotá, Colombia, Vertebra manages in a smart-sustainable way the natural and energy resources of thousands of companies through people-oriented actions backed by cutting-edge technology and data science. 

A brand uplift was particularly relevant given the accelerated growth of the company. This would provide a fresher, techy, and modern identity to it. We focused on representing the company’s essence, with a great center on caring for the environment through human actions and data science. 

We built Vertebra’s brand strategy over the concept of balance between human talent and technology. Within this postulation, we wanted to give special attention to how people are involved in creating a better future; therefore, the straight-forward tagline explicitly attached to this idea: Empower your future.

The concept of balance in Vertebra’s visual identity is expressed in each of its elements. The square finishing shapes in the logo/symbol represent the technology while the rounded ones represent the organic-human side. As for the layouts, each format is divided into two parts, one filled with blending organic forms (organic-human) in vibrant colour gradients (tech), and the other one with nature-centered photography to emphasize the company’s vision: build a better future.

What we did:
  • Art direction for social media
  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Tone of voice
  • UX/UI