Jungle Experiences

Cruise the exotic Amazon · Get inspired

Jungle Experiences is a B2B cruise company in the Peruvian Amazon, that had an old-fashioned corporate image, which did not quite fit the market expectations and was being overshadowed by other brands of the same industry.

Within this rebranding, we gave Jungle Experiences a more contemporary sophisticated and appealing brand image. 

Its identity is defined by these concepts: discovering new worlds, living new experiences, and being inspired by the exotic. Which come to life onboard its exceptional cruises on the amazon river.

We develop the identity by extracting different elements from the initial concepts. The local and exotic vibe of the brand is represented by their symbol: La Yara -a tribute to an old Amazonian legend-. The colour palette, based on the Amazon rainforest colours generates an authentic feeling. The photographic style invites to live new experiences, and the modern typography gives it a fresh and crisp look.

As a result, Jungle Experiences is a modern, bold brand that stands out from the competition and invites its clients to live new experiences and be inspired by their cruises, touring the Peruvian Amazon, one of the most wonderful places in the world.

What we did:
  • Art direction for social media
  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Tone of voice
  • UX/UI