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Due to unsuccessful attempts in his life he may often feel hopelessness. For many people, it is not as important because of the way you live your life. I cannot find any information on my fate line is starts at mount of the moon and curves until it ends in between Saturn and appollo. It must be free from any lines interfering with it and marks that cross it. There are some signs that indicate a positive destiny. This means you have a strong desire to acquire things. You may also have a fish tail on your fate line if you have a pious nature. Or perhaps is that our primal dynamics to fulfill a desire or dream. You are inclined to be infatuated with a married man or woman. The fate line starts at the bottom of the hand, most typically in the center of the bottom edge, and extends up to the general vicinity of the middle finger. It denotes several meanings in your life and the major one is that your professional career will not be consistent. A prestigious job will increase your chances of success. Learning to accept unpleasantness is the best way to find a sense of balance in your life. The palmistry fate line reading is based on five years of study at the base of the palm. Could someone explain what that means? If your fate line does not intersect with the head, you should take action. Your fate line is a good indication that you enjoy socializing with people. You usually emphasis on credibility thus could have a successful career with endlessly strives; (Fig 1), If the line becomes narrower and thinner gradually from the middle part of the palm, it indicates a smooth career fortune during the younger days and a worse fortune after the middle age. A short fate-line, on the other hand, shows a lack of self-confidence, which is common amongst people with a short-lined fate-line. 2022Auntyflo. The person who has forked line would have a gratifying career. Drawing table made of oak with a double Y-shaped cross and legs with vase-shaped articulations. According to palmistry fate line is a vertical line running from base of palm towards the middle finger.These fate lines are in different shapes and can be broadly categorized into seven types but there are many other possibilities which one can find. A solitary path may be better suited for someone who has a fate line that starts in the middle of their hand. A long-line means youre a hard-working, ambitious person who has a great sense of destiny. If your marriage line is forked, y-shaped or v-shaped, divided in two parts then it indicates bad marriage, unsatisfied married life, problem in married life, separation and divorce due to difference of opinion. What obstructs and stops the fate line is the way the subjectmay find things that get in the way of their life. They may proceed with trying to find fulfillment, 'drive', or fascination with their job. If You Have A Divided Fate Line. The absence of the fate line does not indicate that your future will collapse but staggering a lot. To see a strong line breaking the fate line, or the Life line folks into the fate line means that you will have a crisis point but you will make the life-changing decision. Often you will know very early in life just what your life's aspirations are. There is a focus on a very successful career and prosperity. A sawn-out wavy edge runs along the bottom of the bars. Then, you will be able to find the happiness that you need. * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *, * ** * * * * * * * * * *. If the Fate line abruptly ends at the head line, it denotes a person who somehow traveled away from his ambitions between the ages of 30 to 40 years. Fate lines focus on a persons future, prosperity, and career. If the fate line ends at the heart line, it indicates that you will have job or business which will give monetary benefits up to the age of fifty five. If your fate line is light, it indicates that you will have to struggle a lot and face many difficulties in life. The fate line has been referred to as the line of ones career. Saturnian line - The lifeline is an important line of a person that is easily detected and it helps to recognize other lines too. A breakage in a fate line means the native may face an accident at a certain point of time. Thereafter you shall stop working due to emotional issues and will struggle to find a job. (Fig 33), If your fate line is chained at the beginning of the fate line, it indicates an unhappy life environment that prevent you from concentrating on study during the youth time. This line is often referred to as the money line. The shape of line of fate is very significant in determining the decisions related to destiny. Some general representations of the fate line on the basis of its shape are provided below. He might not able to score good marks in the examinations and would not concentrate on studies. A branch in the middle of a palm is a good sign. Divided Fate Line: According to an astrologer in India, if someone has a Y shaped fate line in his hand, then the person may face several contradictions and confusions in his life. If you have a career path that includes a lateral change, you will likely have a palmistry fate line that is good for you in the future. Hence, give and take policy in your life would be highly appreciated by many. Only through self-understanding are we able to begin to move towards what we should want from existence. If this person is secluded from society, following a lone path in terms of a career, it can turn out well; however, if this person must make a living in the modern society, he or she is vulnerable to choosing the right direction. If this line emerges more noticeably, this means that trouble during your childhood years has elevated your world perspective, making you a strong character! If you have a divided fate line that splits into two parts and if it creates a 'y' shaped structure, then it indicates that you might suffer from confusion and contradiction in personality. (Fig 30), An island at the end of the fate line shows you couldnt realize your lofty aspirations during your life, thus be passive and disappointed during the old age. If however the fate line is broken in any way then this can indicate that there is going to be an accident or problem whereby the person is unable to continue working. Any strong line intersecting the fate line, with elevated hair lines throughout it means that you will have a period of time that many activities will happen, near the bottom of the fate line (towards the wrist) means that this will of happened when you were a child. He may be indecisive as his fate lines may not let him make a strong decision and stand by it. Having two lines indicates that you are more likely to make money than others. Frequently this line doesnt develop until later in people's life. This person might suffer a lot after forty years and even worse. Palmistry says that there are seven varieties of fate lines which have separate influences on an individual. The fate line stopped at the head line shows the cease of work by your own decision. (Fig 31), An island on the beginning of a shallow fate line indicates you were born unusually. . Iterate on k from 0 till 2*t-1 and . We have lots of wonderful palmistry information on this line below. Forked fate line The individuals who have forked fate line would have a successful life with a lot of power. The point of intersection of fate line with the head line is taken as thirty five years. No permanent job and his decisions are not good at times leading to disastrous results. What if we could find out what our fate holds? (Fig 34), If the line is chained at the end, it shows your career doesn't go smoothly during your old age at the same time you would suffer financial losses. On the other hand, a weak or faint fate line suggests a person who is restless and tends tochange jobsquite often. Consider Y to be a net and it catches the fish. The head line is stronger and leaves the simian line in the middle of the hand. A breakage in a fate line means the native may face an accident at a certain point of time. Breaks seen in the fate line or any other markings including breaks is quite significant. This part of the palm is referred to as the Saturn part. Your focus and concentration are not consistent even you try. Here we focus on palmistry and the fate line. All these three subjects have to be considered before coming to any conclusion or findings. The different types of palmistry fate lines are: Doube fate line -The people who are said to have double fate lines will have two lines on the palm of their hand. A shallow fate line indicates a hard work and career full of twists and turns. If your fate line is on the headline, you are more likely to fall in love with people who have already committed to you. According to palmistry if the fate line splits into two parts and create a 'y' shaped structure in a native's palm then it indicates that the person may suffer from confusion and contradiction. All content on this website is copyrighted. As it points to the Saturn finger, it's also referred to as the 'Saturn Line'. The individuals have to sacrifices a lot for others who have helped him during the critical times of life. It is important to understand that you cannot control everything in your life, and that there will be times when you have no control over the outcome. They also have trouble pronouncing th and may struggle to read certain words. He may be indecisive as his fate lines may not let him make a strong decision and stand by it. He might swing between failure and success. This type of person can be hardworking and may be a good employee. The natives who do not have visible fate line can get information about their future by considering other lines of the palm. Below is the implementation of the above approach: Time Complexity: O(N2), for using nested loops.Auxiliary Space: O(1), as constant extra space is required. It is uncommon to have no fate line. All content on this website is copyrighted. The individuals who are said to have a double fate line would be very clever in both arts and crafts. You should not ignore the significance of the absence of the fate line. Very rarely, you come across people with a Fate line that extends all the way to the middle finger. (Fig 29), An island on the join point of the fate line and heart line indicates difficulties in career interrupted by your emotions. His/Her surroundings will take control of his/her existence. This simply means you havent defined your own personal goals in life or thought about what you want from your own existence. 7 Types of FATE LINE and Their Meaning | Palmistry in Hindi | Types of Luck Line | Samudrika ShastraThe Fate line controls the timing of one's fortune. A palmist who is professional and well versed alone predicts the future of the person based on the lines of the palm. It shows that a person has lost their identity. This is mainly found in the case of people who pursue multiple careers simultaneously. Palmistry, the science of predicting the future based on the lines on the palm, has an ancient tradition. When you have a long Fate Line, you are likely to be a workaholic. The reason why it's considered to be good is as follows. Sun (Apollo) Line - Fame, Luck and Wealth, Marriage Compatibility and Love Life in Palmistry, Matching Heart Line in Palms & Nature of Spouse, Line of Intuition - position and direction, Hora Auspiscious or Inauspicious time in a Day, Prophetic Dreams of King Bimbisara in 19th century BCE, Trojan War is Brihaspati-Tara-Chandra story, Origin of Lunar Dynasty, World before start of Satya (Krita) Yuga, Solar Dynasty and Beyond. A majority of people are confused over how the numerous lines on the palm . Rabin-Karp Algorithm for Pattern Searching, Optimized Algorithm for Pattern Searching, Pattern Searching | Set 6 (Efficient Construction of Finite Automata), Finite Automata algorithm for Pattern Searching, Boyer Moore Algorithm for Pattern Searching, Pattern Searching using a Trie of all Suffixes, Z algorithm (Linear time pattern searching Algorithm), Aho-Corasick Algorithm for Pattern Searching. The fate line is one of the major palmistry lines on hands. If the fate line is a negative branch, it is a bad sign. Deep fate line in a natives palms indicate that he or she may achieve paternal wealth and other profits from various means. If you have a long, horizontal line, you may have problems with relationships. The line might end in trident on the palm. You can find its location from the right picture. Fate Line Palmistry Predictions Based on The Location of the Fate Line There are basically 9 types of locations where you can find the fate line in the palm of a person. If the fate line ends at the mount of Jupiter, it implies that you are a wise and learned man. Hence, the person is not able to achieve many heights at any age. Some people with a faint fateline might be cynical and hate sports. without permission. One must consider not only the heart, life, and headlines but the shape of the fingers in order to understand the significance of the fate line. The missing fate line also indicates that you think about things deeply in life, trying to ensure that your goals are always reachable. Zig zag lines : In the event the heart line prevents the fate line from moving on, then it's emotions that slow down the progress and will get in the way of your career. (Fig 7), If your fate line starts from the heart line, it indicates late success in life. This type of fate line also says that at crucial times of decision making the natives thoughts may become vacillating. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between an X and a star on the fate line. The deeper the line is, the harder that the person will have to deal with self-control. The fate line (white line) is connected to our career and general outlook on work. If yours is a deep brown color, your fate line is likely connected to money. Similarly, the other lines and mounts in hands have different influence on your life. If you have a long one, you are likely to be a free spirit. The bottom houses and the lines are laid out horizontally; the top one in vertical direction, They correspond to a vertically placed blanking panel in the middle of the front and back rail. You might not have a secure place in your life due to the fate line. In other words, our destiny! This marking indicates that youll have a successful career. The two fate lines give the person a greater amount of luck and prosperity. The fate line is associated with a major line on one's hand and palmistry. I'm also Hello, I have a star on my palm just above my wrist between my fate line and my life line. You are usually in power and could exploit your advantages to the full to wield the power. The natives who do not have visible fate line can get information about their future by considering other lines of the palm. After 50 years, you are expected to enjoy a good fortune in career which also requires you work hard instead of enjoying your old age. A faint fate line may also mean that you are cynical, or that you lack the willpower to change your life. A faint fate line indicates a person who is very superstitious and dislikes sports. It can be concluded that you will marry from within the family, or through an arranged marriage if you notice that your fate line originates from the life line, near the mount of venue. If the line of fate begins at the head line, a blessed business venture may increase your standard of living. When the line starts low down in the center of the palm this shows a well-balanced person who developed an early sense of maturity. If your Fate Line is too short, it means you are more likely to spend your time on projects or careers that are unrelated to your career. Energy If your fate line is starting from your lifeline, you are likely to be full of energy and are a good worker. A high-line will indicate youll become rich. If you have a double fate line, you may have more choices than if you have only one. You usually are not stable in life and career during the youth time. This is also the starting point for those who make a career that deals with people or the public. The palmistry fate line reading is done by an experienced palmist. Elderly persons will help enhance the success of the individual. Where does it start and end. If you do not have a fate-line, you are more likely to have trouble concentrating and achieving your dreams. The fate line doesn't always refer to the career, it can also depict a change in life such as marriage, children, divorce, etc. The organization may rule the executive. You will always be surrounded by disappointments. Such a centrally placed fate. Some lines can begin at the wrist but complete on the headline. People who hold stars on their fate line always have much better luck than other people. You are endowed with a good talent. Lines that start at the head or heart line indicate success in later years, after the corresponding age. If you also have a clear sun line then you will also attain name and fame. People tend to be happier when they have a clear fate line. For the fate line to start from the life line, you have experienced a restriction in your early years. If the fate line appears on the right hand then this shows the subject has the ability to achieve goals in life, and their effort in life is normally strong. If the fate line starts from the mount of Venus, it indicates that you will be free from worries as money will not be a problem. Broken fate line Broken fate line in a natives hand indicates a danger. 9 Fate line stopped by other lines. (Fig 10), If your fate line starting from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Saturn (located below the middle finger), it indicates a successful career created from almost nothing. If they have a long fate line, they are probably a good candidate for a job in a secret organization. This line also encompasses our own professional skills and how we are perceived by others in regard to the work context. You would not be able to work in a particular company and even your work the company will not give you a permeant posting. A palmist tells about the persons future life whether he will earn much, business profit and gain, life career, his achievements in terms of prosperity based on the fate line. You are an illegitimate child or orphan. (Fig 9), If your fate line starts from the Mount of Venus (the portion of the palm surrounded by the life line at the base of the thumb) and exceeds the heart line, it means you have no worries about money as you could inherit a fortune from parents, relatives or ancestors. The man who has the chained fate line would not live happily for a long time and his life would have many twists with issues. Your future is uncertain, and you may be disappointed. You will inherit money from parents or ancestors. Professionally, these individuals would have excellent power on the whole. If the line continues after the head line this may mean that a person has either had children and taken a different career route, will retire early due to riches or will take a new career path. But if the line of Sun is deep in your palm, then you will achieve success in life. A long deep Fate Line on the right hand is a gift for certain success in the external world of career and public activities. Your FATE LINE really does not LIE | Palm Reading Kat Anders has a Masters Degree in the Health Sciences, a Bachelors's Degree in music and has performed over 6000 hand readings for well over. If a person has an island on the fate line this can represent a possible loss of money and businesses that fail. If your fate line is deep, straight and long from the base of palm then it means that you will profit from land or property from your paternal side and reap other benefits.You will have a successful career. (Fig 14), If your fate line starting from the base of the palm and ends at the Mount of Mercury (located below the little finger), it indicates great achievement in business investment. There are chances that you might be indecisive as your fate lines may not let you make a firm decision in life. In China, people would like to call the line as the career line as it mainly reflects the fortune of one's career or job. In other words, you will have a bitter life than others when compared to job security. You will make life-changing decisions but there will always be the right ones. While some people believe in palmistry, others consider it as superstition. Click Here For Timestamps~ A SPIRITUAL message for YOU! The bubble or even tropical isle denotes a period of disappointment and indecision in the persons profession. But a strong Sun line in the natives hand will provide him success. 2. Usually fate line indicates the luck of a person, but he can be lucky without a fate line, if he has a deep, straight and unbroken, uncut sun line. If your line is shallow and wide, you are destined to have a hard working life and fail to achieve great things. The native may not get the fruits of her efforts easily. Ups and downs You do not have much luck like others and hence you need to work hard to achieve the goals. The problem is that at times they will tend to feel unbalanced and discontented. A Y-shaped fate line represents the Y-shaped path that you take. If the fate line starts from base of palm and ends at the mount of saturn, it means you will create your own career out of nothing, sheerly on the basis of your hard work and discipline. These years are difficult times for your career. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Auntyflo.com is for Entertainment Purposes ONLY and is not qualified to give Medical, Legal or Financial Advice, and takes no responsibility for individual interpretations. These kinds of lines in your palm also mean that you will be very confused while taking decisions in life. If the line is clear, and strong without any crosses, or negative signs on it, then they may be destined for a fortune! A short line sometimes appears between the life and fate line but terminates near the head line. Print a Y shaped pattern from asterisks in N number of lines. It is a vertical line running up the palm towards the base of the middle finger. In this way presence of other lines and mounts may also alter the results. If your fate line commences inside the life line curve (which is curve around the thumb) means you will observe a career change that will greatly affect a loved one. If you notice many different diagonal bars on the fate line then this can suggest that there will be problems and setbacks work context, especially if these lines also come across to the Lifeline headline. To find a fork on the fate line, which splits lines in two indicates you will be torn in two career directions or perhaps that you will be trying to manage two different circumstances at the same time. The negative attribute of this kind of line is, over time life can grow to be uninteresting as well as routine, this person is likely to have excellent pastimes or routines in retirement. But the absence of a fate-line will only affect your career. For stars to appear on your fate line means that you will have a fantastic career. The fate line can reveal what will be the important trends in our life. For the fate line to run close to the life line means that you will continue with the family and also have a worth-while career as well as be a good parent. The palmists alone predicts the fate of the line of the individual based on the positions of the line. Your fate line is a symbol of your future success. She can attain success only after defeating the problems and conflicts in her life. Your Fate Line can tell you about your potential for career success or a general outlook on work. Therefore, you could gain a good reputation of your lifetime. We often blame our fate saying that it was not meant for me when we lose an opportunity. You are responsible for your own life and decisions. Those who are self-employed may not have a clear fate line. Sometimes, the fate line of an individual might touch the lifeline at any point. If the fate line ends at the mount of Sun, it indicates name and fame along with gain in wealth. Observe carefully the headline in this case (Line E) to see if there are any islands that can make the subject feel confused about theirlife path. If you have a long and narrow fate line, it can be a good indication that you will need to work hard to find the happiness you are seeking. Occasionally if the fate line forks, one branch would go to the actual Jupiter mount (under the thump) as well as the addition to the Lunar mount (the other side of the thumb below the little finger). From the line, you can find out the changes of your career during your life as well as your ability in work. 4. Generally, it indicates the amount of money that can be generatedthroughout life. People with long lines are considered successful and well-balanced. You are more likely to struggle with giving up on goals and achieving success in your career. So, you usually have a lot of troubles with such a line. A low fate-line means youre well-balanced and mature. An absent fate line means the subject will have freedom. The funny thing about fate line palmistry is that the predictions about the future of a person change according to the location, shape, and type of fate line. The Fate Line ending in a trident is certainly a most favorable indication. The person rises to the position of power and fame . You need not worry a lot about your life or future if the palmistry fate line is absent on your palm. A strong fateline is a sign that you are a responsible person. Youll be unable to control many things in life, and its important to learn how to roll with the punches. Such kind of fate line doesn't allow the people to take strong decisions related to the important aspects of their life and stand by it.. ic 3 Fate line deep and long. You can find its location from the right picture. If the fate line joins the life line this means that you've got your own personal character and targets. A good fate-line will have branches. The 75th age of the person is taken at the end of the fate line that ends at the Saturn phase which we mean at the bottom of the middle finger. You can be very successful at work and improve your craft. No wonder, Fate lines are absent in thepalmsof most alcoholics and drug addicts. First of all, let me tell you the exact meaning of palm reading. When the fate line intersects with your head line this is approximately when you reach thirty-five. It gives an idea about the persons life growth with a lot of ups and downs. Zig zag fate line in a hand suggest that a native may experience many ups and downs in his or her life. A fate line that starts on the opposite bottom of the palm (under the ring or little finger) shows a person who has chosen agratifying career. It is established from the surroundings that he or she is created into, the particular fate from any previous lives. Both types of lines affect your career, and it is important to know what each one means to you. When the line begins on the Neptune mount (this is positioned at the bottom of your hand in the middle of your wrist), you'll make your choices throughout the first a part of your life. As far as females are concerned, the broken line indicates that her life would be leading a housekeeper job. If you have such kind of a line in both of the two hands, it shows you are proficient in business and could achieve a great success in commerce. To have a bold, clear fate line means that, you are established in your own character, you know what you like doing and hold valuable goals in regards to your career. These people can't stand being excessively closely watched at work. If you do not have the fate line on the palm, it does not mean that you do not have future. From the fate line one can find out about the career. Lines that join the fate line are often love relationships in your life. Some palm readers also call it the 'Luck Line' because it's greatly related with luck and success. The bigger the island is, the more serious the troubles are. After 35, your fortune of career changes for the better. There are many other facets to your palm. However, their life would have a major change after fifty-five years. Find out the . Such people may be seen to remain active even in their old age. The ruling planet of this line is Saturn and maximum time this line goes to or towards Saturn mount. Where it crosses one's head line it coincides as we grow older it is connected to age 57. There are numerous places that this line can finish, this might begin in the wrist and diminish at Jupiter's finger, or even possible it might not appear until midway almost in the hand's palm. 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